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Service Options

For comprehensive details of each service, please click on the links below:

Prepaid Support options which can be used for regular visits on an agreed schedule, or callout or help at any time

Service at short notice

Remote access to PCs anywhere in the world!  

Available during normal business hours for advice or talking through minor problems  


What do you need?

Got a new PC?
Installations, single PC to complete System


PC running slow?

Memory and Disk Upgrades


Are you infected?
Spyware & Virus removal


Need more space?
NAS, Windows or Linux servers installed & configured


No Internet?
Routers, Wireless, Cabling & configuration all sorted


Domains & Email?
All created & administered


Want a website?
Websites constructed & maintained




Anything at all - PCs, Servers, Networks, Peripherals, Websites, Email


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